Get Rich Quick

Music is simply poetry with instruments. A poet writes with their heart. They write words with emotional meaning, not necessarily aiming to make it rich or famous, but more to tell a story of passion and power.

Lyrics do the same job. Both art forms can bring audiences to their feet; both can reduce adults to tears. Both come from the heart and the soul, both allow fans to relate.

Athlete’s Wires is one of my favourite songs of all time. It’s packed full of emotion, first distress, and then hope. Joel Pott, their lead singer, wrote it about his daughter being born prematurely. It’s impossible to listen to it and not hear, even feel, the emotion.

The problem is; Wires is an exception in our time. Music now is more about money rather than passion. The focus of artists is veering more towards singles instead of writing a set of songs that they feel something for.

I have every Coldplay album except their last two. I only like two of their non-singles. Coldplay have made a career out of high selling singles, with little effort focused on the rest of their catalogue.


Albums these days are less about showcasing music, and more about simply making as much money as possible.

Why does everything surrender to the cheap enticement of money?

Our culture is lazy, born out of the obsession with downloads. It skips the need to hear anything but what you know.

People demand music; therefore simple economics states if you can supply it, it is a great way to get rich. Furthermore, you can earn more if you don’t bother to tour.

While this is great for individuals, it’s clearly bad for the art form. Going are the days of emotion, arriving are the days of soulless tripe.