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From the beginnings in tribes to the modern day charts, music has defined almost every generation. Music can make a grown man cry, bring a mass of people to their feet and define the mood of a situation.

Music goes on in the background without us even noticing, it’s opinionated and it’s open to everyone. There is so much music around that almost every one of the 7 billion souls on this planet will hear a piece every day. Most people like it but everyone has different tastes. One persons favourite band is another’s biggest hate. When it comes to music, you are neither right nor wrong – you are simply you.

Sharing a love for music, gigs and buying records while retaining the individuality that makes music special, the two of us have come together to review all things musically we do and buy. Any gig which either of us attend, any album we buy and any festival we visit shall be analysed and have our opinion cast upon. Furthermore, should any big music story appear in the national/international press we shall express our opinion upon it.

This is your chance to look upon our current musical tastes, to experience how they change over time and argue with us about our views. We hope you enjoy it, below follows a little paragraph from both of us explaining our love for music. All the favourites are as of the time of writing, and editing may be made.

Gareth Hardman (hardmanopolov) – My first experiences in music aren’t exactly ones I remember with affection. Pop band following pop band, cd after cd of which I am suitably embarrassed. If we had mp3 players when I was 10 and younger, mine would be full of Blue and Westlife. Upon the release of U2’s Vertigo, I was exposed to a whole new genre of music, one which contained guitars. 11 years later, you can’t define me by a type. I love my guitar music, but am not limited to electric or acoustic. I like the soul and passion put into urban music and still occasionally like the odd pop song. I don’t judge, if I like a song then it doesn’t bother me who made it. Music helps me relax, and has got me through more than one troubling time. I don’t go through a day without listening to something I love. I rarely listen to the radio, instead finding new bands through recommendations but preferring to follow the careers of my favourites intently. For me, the slower songs are the best. Music is about passion and heart, if someone else writes your song or you use auto tune – you don’t have either.

Favourite Artist – Muse

Favourite Song – Ruled By Secrecy

Favourite Album – Californication (RHCP)

Favourite Live Artists

  1. Muse (4 gigs)
  2. Bombay Bicycle Club (3 gigs)
  3. Cold War Kids (2 gigs)

Favourite Gig – Muse (Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Manchester 04/09/10)

Emma Still (25Emma) – It is easy for me to say I’ve always had a fascination with music. I was playing the piano from about the age of five, the guitar from the age of ten, singing since I can remember and I’ve never stopped. For me, music is more than something I listen to; it is something I have experienced day in and day out so (although it is a cliché to say this) it has been my life. Obviously, I have had many different phases starting with consistently listening to popular music on the radio and singing along every morning and evening in the car to and from school. I’m delighted to say I’ve broken away from that which dominated the majority of my life so far but now I couldn’t define myself with a genre as such due to my taste being fairly wide spread. I would say that I tend to prefer emotionally driven songs because I like nothing more than to get goosebumps from the song I’m listening to. However, I wouldn’t want to stick to just that as it could become extremely depressing after a while considering music determines my mood more often than not.

Favourite artist – The Lumineers

Favourite song – Bones (Ben Howard) or Holocene (Bon Iver)

Favourite album – The Lumineers

Favourite live artists

  1. The Lumineers (1 gig)
  2. Biffy Clyro (1 gig)
  3. Bombay Bicycle Club (3 gigs)

Favourite gig – The Lumineers (O2 Academy, Birmingham 26/11/13)

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