Music Through The Eras

I’ve always been fascinated by space. In many ways it was the one reason I did a physics degree in the first place. Physics degrees ruin everything anyone could ever enjoy about the subject, and that was that. I thought my love of all things clever had gone.

Last Thursday, I was stood in the Rock City crowd, and was reading about what I had done on that day in years gone by. Apparently, a year previous I had put up my review of Kaiser Chiefs. Public Service Broadcasting had supported the Kaisers on that day. This is relevant because I was stood in a crowd that was about to enjoy Public Service Broadcasting.


PSB (for that’ll be easier from now on) have had an incredible year. Their second album charted just under the top 10, and the vinyl release was the 34th best selling vinyl of 2015. It was entitled “The Race For Space” and it has reinvigorated my love for all things space.

The gig was fun. Fun seems like a horrible word to describe it. A word that just doesn’t do it justice, yet it seems like the only proper word. Emma and I haven’t ever had that much fun at a gig.

PSB are, officially, a two-piece. Although in reality that should be three, and live it’s definitely four. It’s more than about the music for PSB; their live member is in charge of the visuals. They put music to old public service films, and play sections of the films on big screens and TVs on the stage. They even come with their very own Sputnik.


The set was a great mix of their first album and second album material with a couple of songs thrown in from their War Room EP. And who says you need vocals to have a good gig? PSB only interact with the crowd through the use of a computer and hand actions, but that doesn’t deprive from the experience. In fact, there was more humour than most gigs, my favourite being Willgoose telling an audience member to simmer down after they heckled him.

Despite a few technical difficulties, at the end of the day when you try something this expansive there are bound to be some, this was one of my favourite gigs of all time. And I don’t think that’s an exaggeration, they really were superb and I would see them every time I can.

I have a theory. It changes my perspective on why I did physics. I had a love with the romanticism of physics, rather than the reality. The romanticism is contained within the history of developments, a side that PSB highlight.

If schools taught history in the style of PSB, it would be a lot more successful.

PSB played:

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 17.26.23.png

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