Artist Page – The Enemy

The Enemy are Coventry’s most famous sons. I have the unfortunate pleasure of knowing a few people from Coventry and one of them once told me that everyone they know tries to claim they are related to Tom Clarke (lead singer and guitarist), Liam Watts (drums) and Andy Hopkins (bass) (given Coventry’s reputation I’d say that’s not a huge stretch …), which seems absurd for a band which would barely register on most people’s radar. That’s not to say that they haven’t had success though. After all, they have had 3 top 10 albums (with 1 number 1 effort) alongside 2 top 10 and 5 top 40 singles. Singing mainly about how bad life is in cities for young people, they had a fleeting effect on the music industry but unfortunately that kind of music doesn’t tend to last for long unless you’re The Jam, Oasis or The Clash.




2009 (Music For The People)

2009 (Music For The People)



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Only being really known to Gareth, he found the Enemy through his indie period early at high school. Their first album was impossible not to love, with it’s raw energy and enthusiasm sucking you in and demanding attention. I saw them live with a couple of friends and it was a brilliant gig where they played the whole of that album plus a few new ones. Unfortunately, eventually the newer stuff wasn’t as good and they’ve gone downhill since.


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