Artist Page – Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand are an Anglo-Scottish band, formed in Glasgow, who have sold over three million albums worldwide and are definitely one of the few powerhouses of British rock. Each of their four albums have charted in the top 10 in the British charts, and all but the last spawning top 40 singles (although the last did produce a top 10 hit in Belgium!). Their first album won the 2004 Mercury Prize. They take their name from the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination kickstarted World War One, although members have claimed it was simply because they liked the alliteration! Whatever the reasons, it’s good to have a band who are historically and politically aware, which FF certainly are. The band consist of Alex Kapranos (lead vocals, guitar and keyboards), Bob Hardy (bass), Nick McCarthy (rhythm guitar and backing vocals) and Paul Thomson (drums).




2005 (You Could Have It So Much Better)

2005 (You Could Have It So Much Better)





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Another one of those bands Gareth discovered around the same time, Franz Ferdinand’s debut album was my favourite for quite a while. Unfortunately, for some reason I never got around to buying their second, and waited until their third had come out to get it! I got Emma into them, and we saw them at Manchester Academy and then again at T in the Park. One of the better bands around to see live, go if you have the chance.


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