Artist Page – Franz Ferdinand and Sparks

Franz Ferdinand are a Scottish indie band, most famous for their hit single “Take Me Out”. Sparks are an American rock-pop band, most famous for their hit single “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us”. Together, they are a supergroup. Combining Sparks’ quirky lyrics with Franz Ferdinand’s dance rock to produce a sound which is essentially unique. They claim this is a long term project, which is promising given the quality of the debut album. Maybe a little weird to be commercially successful, the fans will most definitely love it.



2015 (F.F.S)

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Being huge Franz Ferdinand fans, we were intrigued by the new direction they were taking. After a few weeks we bought the album, and it’s a bit weird but quite wonderful. They don’t take themselves seriously and I’d much rather listen to that then bands who are too serious and important. They’ve had successful careers, and now it’s time to do it together. Worth a listen if you like either.


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