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Chvrches are an electro-synthpop three piece hailing from Glasgow. Without getting ahead of ourselves, there is every chance that they will be one of the biggest pop acts from the UK in a few years time. I say that because they use the simplest techniques to form some of the best music around at the moment. Using only guitars, bass, synths and Lauren Mayberry’s voice, their debut album had such energy and quality that it only took a few listens to fall in love with it. With the first single from the second album sounding good, and the admittance from the band that they won’t change much (as Iain Cook, instrumentalist, put it – too many bands throw away what people like about them), there is every chance that Chvrches are here to rule. Completing the line up is former The Twilight Sad live member, Martin Doherty. They are a great band to see live, the two men complementing Lauren perfectly.






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My sister Imogen saw Chvrches play in Glasgow and recommended them to me. However, for one reason or another, it wasn’t until Emma and I saw they’d be playing at T that I got around to buying their album. I immediately wondered why I hadn’t heard of them before! I find that once I start listening to Chvrches, I don’t stop. I’d say they are probably the best new band around, by far.


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