Artist Page – Bloc Party

Bloc Party were one of the many indie bands that flooded the scene in the early 21st century, blasting into the public domain with catchy riffs and memorable songs. It’s been one hell of a journey for the London quartet since. After their first and second two albums took the industry by storm, there was a dip in quality in the third before a hiatus and then a return to form in the fourth. A great band when at their best, unfortunately for all concerned there has been another hiatus since. With four top 10 UK singles, one Mercury Prize nomination and all four of their albums making the top 10 (without any topping) it’s fair to say they’ve had a good run towards the top of British music.

Bloc Party line-up:

  • Kele Okereke (singer)
  • Russell Lissack (guitarist)


  • Gordon Moakes (bassist)
  • Matt Tong (drummer)








(Four) 2012

(Four) 2012

Songs you may know:

Songs we recommend:

Our experiences:

Gareth heard Bloc Party’s first single from their second album (The Prayer) on the radio and loved it so much that he went out to buy the album as soon as it came out. After that, he bought their debut and everything as it’s been released since. Bloc Party are one of those bands who I can listen to in almost every mood and always come back to them at various points. I’m currently trying to get Emma to listen to them more!


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